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Date: 11 – 13 March 2015
Frequency: Annual
Sequence: 6th edition
Venue: Inter Expo Center, Sofia

The core objective of ‘Save the Planet’ is to encourage the transfer of waste management and recycling technologies to South-East Europe and to provide its participants the opportunity to present their advanced products to all the important players in the Region.

SEE Member States are all aiming to become a part of the vision for a European circular economy. Governments across the Region are updating their national legislation, pursuing a strategy to modernise old infrastructures and promoting the waste hierarchy with innovative approaches. With EU Member States seeking to recycle 50 % of their waste by 2020, reduce the disposal of biodegradable waste to 25 % of total volume. The demand for separating -, baling, recycling and composting has been increased and many international companies enter the regional market.  

The Conference Highlights

  • EU Waste Management Day, in partnership with ENEP & ACR+, will provide all participants with key information on market entry, an opportunity to meet face-to-face state and municipal representatives and draw in expertise from across the European Union. An accent will be also put on the Cohesion Policy 2014-2020 in SE Europe which will have a significant impact on the speed of future investments in the waste management field.  
  • Speakers from:  EC DG Environment, EC DG REGIO, Association of Cities and Regions for Recycling and Sustainable Resource Management (ACR+) and the European Network of Environmental Professionals (ENEP). Bulgarian Association of Municipal Environmental Experts, Sofia Municipality, Bulgarian industrial Association, etc
  • Waste-to-Energy Workshop, in collaboration with WtERT, Greece, will present Global and Local Perspectives for New Waste-to-Energy Projects & Waste-to-Energy for Sustainable Economic and Social Development.


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Siemens to Provide Turbines to the Largest Near Shore Wind Farm in The Netherlands

The Westermeerwind near shore wind farm is to be erected in the IJsselmeer lake along the northern and western dike of the Dutch municipality of Noordoostpolder. The 48 Siemens SWT-3.0-108 wind turbines will be arranged in three rows in the shallow waters between 500 and 1100 meters from the dike...
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Newell Recycling and Blaze Recycling merge

Newell Recycling Southeast will operate more than 20 scrap yards and five auto shredders.
29/07/14|07:00 -- recyclingtoday.com

Global Clean Energy files SEC Form 10 Registration Statement

Waste-to-fuel producer concluding acquisition of PGM auto catalyst recovery business.
29/07/14|07:00 -- recyclingtoday.com

ISRI supports passage of Unlocking Consumer Choice and Wireless Competition Act

Congress passes legislation allowing recyclers to “unlock” used cell phones.
29/07/14|07:00 -- recyclingtoday.com

MMBC recycling program expands in British Columbia

Industry-funded recycling program expands to include five more cities in Canadian province.
29/07/14|07:00 -- recyclingtoday.com

Brembo to build cast iron foundry in Michigan

Foundry to produce 80,000 tons annually.
29/07/14|07:00 -- recyclingtoday.com

Use of theoretical waste inventories in planning and monitoring of hazardous waste management systems

Hazardous waste (HW) generation information is an absolute necessity for ensuring the proper planning, implementation, and monitoring of any waste management system. Unfortunately, environmental agencies in developing countries face difficulties in gathering data directly from the creators of such wastes...
29/07/14|05:10 -- wmr.sagepub.com

Van Dyk Recycling Solutions adds service technician

New employee to operate out of the Pacific Northwest region.
28/07/14|07:00 -- recyclingtoday.com

Connecticut board mill to close

Fusion Paperboard announces September closure of mill in Versailles, Connecticut.
28/07/14|07:00 -- recyclingtoday.com

Tennessee Recycling Coalition elects vice president to board

Mark Braswell serves as an external affairs director for the Tennessee Department of Environment & Conservation.
28/07/14|07:00 -- recyclingtoday.com

Pull-A-Part to open store near Pittsburgh

The 70-acre location will be the auto salvage firm’s first in Pennsylvania.
28/07/14|07:00 -- recyclingtoday.com

Matalco to build aluminum billet plant in Ohio

Facility is scheduled to be fully commissioned by early 2016.
28/07/14|07:00 -- recyclingtoday.com

Suniva Announces U.S. Solar Module Manufacturing Expansion

The company currently produces its high-powered Optimus monocrystalline module line with power ratings up to 280W (60-cell format) and an industry-leading 330W (72-cell format).
27/07/14|04:41 -- green-energy-news.com

Shin-Etsu Chemical to Begin Licensing of Its 21% Conversion Efficiency Solar Cell Manufacturing Technology

In addition to Shin-Etsu Chemical possessing the technology for the process to mass-produce solar cells with a high conversion efficiency of 21%, the technology has the characteristic of being a relatively easy manufacturing process that is applicable to the existing mass production process that is based on screen-printing technology.
27/07/14|04:40 -- green-energy-news.com

A pyrolysis study for the thermal and kinetic characteristics of an agricultural waste with two different plastic wastes

In this study, thermochemical conversion of plastic wastes (PET and PVC) together with an agricultural waste (hazelnut shell) was investigated. In order to determine the thermal and kinetic behaviours, pyrolysis experiments were carried out from room temperature to 800 °C, with a heating rate of 10 °C min-1 in the presence of a N2 atmosphere in a thermogravimetric analyzer...
26/07/14|05:10 -- wmr.sagepub.com

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