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Date: 11 March 2015
Frequency: Annual
Sequence: 6th edition
Venue: Inter Expo Center, Sofia

The Conference ‘Save the Planet’ will present case studies on waste management and will provide a closer look at the market potential in the Region that could be realized through new financing and incentive schemes.

The Conference Highlights 2014

● Speakers from:  EC DG Environment, Association of Cities and Regions for Recycling and Sustainable Resource Management (ACR+), European Network of Environmental Professionals (ENEP), Bulgarian Association of Municipal Environmental Experts, Sofia Municipality, Bulgarian industrial Association, etc

● EU Waste Management Day, organized by  ENEP and ACR+   

● ‘Global and Local Perspectives for New Waste-to-Energy Projects & Waste-to-Energy for Sustainable Economic and Social Development’ Workshop, organized by WtERT, Greece.

Post Event Report 2014

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Plastics machinery shipments increase

Survey also finds machinery suppliers bullish about equipment markets in 2015.
27/03/15|11:00 -- recyclingtoday.com

Zinc conference highlights a bright market

Sharif Metals CEO Salam Sharif points to zinc recycling’s growing role.
27/03/15|10:00 -- recyclingtoday.com

US Steel to idle Granite City plant

Company points to slump in oil prices as a key reason for difficult steel markets.
27/03/15|06:00 -- recyclingtoday.com

Petcore Europe hosts workshops on rigid PET recycling

Industry, collection authorities and recyclers discuss ways to improve PET thermoform recycling efforts.
27/03/15|06:00 -- recyclingtoday.com

Suez Environnement consolidates its brand

French company will unite all its assets under the name Suez Environnement.
27/03/15|06:00 -- recyclingtoday.com

Sizable segment of UK population remains skeptical about recycling

Survey finds nearly one-fifth of population is unwilling to recycle.
27/03/15|06:00 -- recyclingtoday.com

Novelis targets food container producers with new product

Aluminum company’s evercycle boasts 100-percent-recycled content.
27/03/15|06:00 -- recyclingtoday.com

Eriez offers equipment service case studies

“Orange Reports” describe specific customer situations and solutions implemented.
27/03/15|06:00 -- recyclingtoday.com

Design of an innovative, ecological portable waste compressor for in-house recycling of paper, plastic and metal packaging waste

Waste management in Greece relies heavily on unsustainable waste practices (mainly landfills and in certain cases uncontrolled dumping of untreated waste). Even though major improvements have been achieved in the recycling of municipal solid waste during recent years, there are some barriers that hinder the achievement of high recycling rates...
27/03/15|05:10 -- wmr.sagepub.com

An incentive-based source separation model for sustainable municipal solid waste management in China

Municipal solid waste (MSW) management (MSWM) is most important and challenging in large urban communities. Sound community-based waste management systems normally include waste reduction and material recycling elements, often entailing the separation of recyclable materials by the residents...
27/03/15|05:10 -- wmr.sagepub.com

Comparison between landfill gas and waste incineration for power generation in Astana, Kazakhstan

The city of Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan, which has a population of 804,474, and has been experiencing rapid growth over the last 15 years, generates approximately 1.39 kg capita-1 day-1 of municipal solid waste (MSW). Nearly 700 tonnes of MSW are collected daily, of which 97% is disposed of at landfills...
27/03/15|05:10 -- wmr.sagepub.com

Compost maturity and nitrogen availability by co-composting of paddy husk and chicken manure amended with clinoptilolite zeolite

The availability of paddy husk from rice processing plants remains high owing to increase in the worldwide rice consumption. Increasing demand for chicken products leads to poultry wastes production. Co-composting of the aforementioned wastes could solve the indiscriminate disposal of these wastes...
27/03/15|05:10 -- wmr.sagepub.com

Insulating With Damp-Spray Cellulose

Prime:  prime Subtitle:  It’s cheaper than spray foam, air-seals better than fiberglass, and has more recycled content than both of them Images: Insulating any building can be a challenge, but the nonprofit energy-efficiency and weatherization company I work for, Community Environmental Center, frequently insulates old houses being rebuilt for residential group homes and elderly housing in New York City...
26/03/15|03:44 -- greenbuildingadvisor.com

UK recycler adds container sort line

Rishton Recycling taps Ken Mills Engineering to design and build processing system.
26/03/15|06:00 -- recyclingtoday.com

Call2Recycle to launch single-use battery recycling program in Vermont

Vermont is the first state to require single-use battery manufacturers to recycle spent batteries.
26/03/15|06:00 -- recyclingtoday.com

REM offers new portable sorting system

Trailer mount system is designed to be transported from site to site.
26/03/15|06:00 -- recyclingtoday.com

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