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Date: 11 – 13 March 2015
Frequency: Annual
Sequence: 6th edition
Venue: Inter Expo Center, Sofia

The Conference ‘Save the Planet’ will present case studies on waste management and will provide a closer look at the market potential in the Region that could be realized through new financing and incentive schemes.

The Conference Highlights 2014

● Speakers from:  EC DG Environment, Association of Cities and Regions for Recycling and Sustainable Resource Management (ACR+), European Network of Environmental Professionals (ENEP), Bulgarian Association of Municipal Environmental Experts, Sofia Municipality, Bulgarian industrial Association, etc

● EU Waste Management Day, organized by  ENEP and ACR+   

● ‘Global and Local Perspectives for New Waste-to-Energy Projects & Waste-to-Energy for Sustainable Economic and Social Development’ Workshop, organized by WtERT, Greece.

Post Event Report 2014

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Green tips: Learn how you can reduce the environmental impact of your daily actions, whether at home, at work or on the road.


Berkeley Lab: Solar Price Declines While Local Regulatory Processes Can Impact System Prices.

“The price of electricity sold to utilities under long term contracts from large-scale solar power projects has fallen by more than 70% since 2008, to just $50/MWh on average within a sample of contracts signed in 2013 or 2014 and concentrated among projects located in the southwestern United States,” explains Mark Bolinger of Berkeley Lab, one of the report’s authors.
18/09/14|05:20 -- green-energy-news.com

SGM touts fines recovery system

Micro Fines Plant, designed in collaboration with Thomas Valerio, extracts metal fines from ASR.
18/09/14|07:00 -- recyclingtoday.com

Quantitative performance targets by using balanced scorecard system: Application to waste management and public administration

This article demonstrates how decision-makers can be guided in the process of defining performance target values in the balanced scorecard system. We apply a method based on sensitivity analysis with Monte Carlo simulation to the municipal solid waste management system in Loulé Municipality (Portugal)...
18/09/14|05:10 -- wmr.sagepub.com

Dealing with emerging waste streams: Used tyre assessment in Thailand using material flow analysis

Increasing urbanisation and automobile use have given rise to an increase in global tyre waste generation. A tyre becomes waste once it wears out and is no longer fit for its original purpose, and is thus in its end-of-life state. Unlike in developed countries, where waste tyre management has already become a significant issue, it is rarely a priority waste stream in developing countries...
18/09/14|05:10 -- wmr.sagepub.com

How to assess solid waste management in armed conflicts? A new methodology applied to the Gaza Strip, Palestine

We have developed a new methodology for assessing solid waste management in a situation of armed conflict. This methodology is composed of six phases with specific activities, and suggested methods and tools. The collection, haulage, and disposal of waste in low- and middle-income countries is so complicated and expensive task for municipalities, owing to several challenges involved, that some waste is left in illegal dumps...
18/09/14|05:10 -- wmr.sagepub.com

Municipal solid waste recycling and the significance of informal sector in urban China

The informal sector is active in the collection, processing and trading of recyclable materials in urban China. Formal waste management organisations have established pilot schemes for source separation of recyclables, but this strategy is still in its infancy...
18/09/14|05:10 -- wmr.sagepub.com

Developing a monitoring and evaluation framework to integrate and formalize the informal waste and recycling sector: The case of the Philippine National Framework Plan

The Philippines has been making inroads in solid waste management with the enactment and implementation of the Republic Act 9003 or the Ecological Waste Management Act of 2000. Said legislation has had tremendous influence in terms of how the national and local government units confront the challenges of waste management in urban and rural areas using the reduce, reuse, recycle and recovery framework or 4Rs...
18/09/14|05:10 -- wmr.sagepub.com

The role of non-governmental organizations in residential solid waste management: A case study of Puducherry, a coastal city of India

Poorly planned and uncontrolled urbanization in India has caused a variety of negative, often irreversible, environmental impacts. The impacts appear to be unavoidable and not easily mitigable due to the mounting public health problems caused by non-segregation of solid wastes at source and their subsequent improper management...
18/09/14|05:10 -- wmr.sagepub.com

Waste reduction and recycling initiatives in Japanese cities: Lessons from Yokohama and Kamakura

Waste reduction and recycling at the city level will acquire greater significance in the near future due to rising global volumes of waste. This paper seeks to identify policy-relevant drivers for successful promotion of waste reduction and recycling...
18/09/14|05:10 -- wmr.sagepub.com

Knowledge and technology transfer to improve the municipal solid waste management system of Durango City, Mexico

As society evolves its welfare level increases, and as a consequence the amount of municipal solid waste increases, imposing great challenges to municipal authorities. In developed countries, municipalities have established integrated management schemes to handle, treat, and dispose of municipal solid waste in an economical and environmentally sound manner...
18/09/14|05:10 -- wmr.sagepub.com

An assessment of the current municipal solid waste management system in Lahore, Pakistan

The current status of solid waste management in Lahore, a metropolitan city of Pakistan, is reviewed in this article using an existing approach, the UN-Habitat city profile. This involves a systematic quantitative and qualitative assessment of physical components and governance features of the current waste management system...
18/09/14|05:10 -- wmr.sagepub.com

Developing a common framework for integrated solid waste management advances in Managua, Nicaragua

This article describes the municipal solid waste management system in Managua, Nicaragua. It updates an initial profile developed by the authors for the 2010 UN-HABITAT publication Solid Waste Management in the World’s Cities and applies the methodology developed in that publication...
18/09/14|05:10 -- wmr.sagepub.com

Who owns urban waste? Appropriation conflicts in emerging countries

Managing solid waste in developing cities is not an easy task and many public policies have failed to bring the expected results. It is here argued that comprehending the solid waste handling in the South implies reconsidering the proper definition of waste...
18/09/14|05:10 -- wmr.sagepub.com

Progress and challenges to the global waste management system

Rapid economic growth, urbanization and increasing population have caused (materially intensive) resource consumption to increase, and consequently the release of large amounts of waste to the environment. From a global perspective, current waste and resource management lacks a holistic approach covering the whole chain of product design, raw material extraction, production, consumption, recycling and waste management...
18/09/14|05:10 -- wmr.sagepub.com

Technische Universität München (TUM) Study: Trees Continue to Grow at a Faster Rate.

Scientists put the growth acceleration down to rising temperatures, extended growing season as well as increased carbon dioxide and nitrogen.
17/09/14|04:48 -- green-energy-news.com

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