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Date: 5-7 April 2016
Frequency: Annual
Sequence: 7th edition
Organizer: Via Expo
Venue: Sofia, Inter Expo Center
Working hours for visitors: 5 - 6 April: 10.00 - 18.00 h.; 7 April: 10.00 - 17.00 h.

Save the Planet is the only specialized business event in Bulgaria dedicated to waste management, following the trend of replacing the ‘take, make, dispose' model with a ‘circular economy’ approach across Europe. The exhibition’s focus is the South-East European market, which must respond timely to the growing environmental damage.

EU members from SE Europe have to recycle 70% of their construction waste, 50% of the municipal waste and 35% of biodegradable waste till 2020. They are facing numerous challenges to improve their resource efficiency and to achieve the high European waste management targets.

The 2016 Edition at a Glance

  • Till the present leading companies from Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark, Italy, Slovakia and Switzerland have confirmed their participation. Finding distributors and launching new products are among the main reasons for them to be part of the event.
  • Exhibitors will present solutions covering the whole process of waste management: treatment, transport, collection, disposal, recovery and recycling.
  • Austrian Pavilion
  • Italian Group Participation

Save the Planet 2015

  • Once again Austria was a supporting country due to its remarkable achievements. They were demonstrated at the traditional Austrian Pavilion, the realization of which was supported by ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA Sofia
  • The exhibition featured a strong international presence - 71% of the participants were from abroad. Direct exhibitors from Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Greece, Germany, Denmark, Italy, Poland, the Netherlands, Slovakia and Switzerland showcased their latest solutions.
  • A new highlight during 2015 was the Italian Participation.
  • Save the Planet and the parallel events attracted visitors from 37 countries – 22% from them were from abroad.

Post Event Report 2015



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Identification of locally available structural material as co-substrate for organic waste composting in Tamil Nadu, India

Owing to the lack in structural strength while composting certain kinds of organic wastes, 11 co-substrates were tested that are generally locally available in rural areas of northern Tamil Nadu, India. In addition to the classical composting parameters such as carbon/nitrogen ratio, moisture content, dry matter and organic dry matter, a compression test was conducted to evaluate the structural strength and the suitability as bulking agent for composting processes...
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Assessment of economic instruments for countries with low municipal waste management performance: An approach based on the analytic hierarchy process

Economic instruments provide significant potential for countries with low municipal waste management performance in decreasing landfill rates and increasing recycling rates for municipal waste. In this research, strengths and weaknesses of landfill tax, pay-as-you-throw charging systems, deposit–refund systems and extended producer responsibility schemes are compared, focusing on conditions in countries with low waste management performance...
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Improvements to enforcement of multilateral environmental agreements to control international shipments of chemicals and wastes

Illegal trade in hazardous waste and harmful chemicals has caused severe damage on human health and the environment, and brought big challenges to countries to meet their commitments to related multilateral environmental agreements. Synergy-building, like organising law enforcement operations, is critical to address illegal trade in waste and chemicals, and further improve the effectiveness of environmental enforcement...
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Utilisation of biomass gasification by-products for onsite energy production

Small scale biomass gasification is a sector with growth and increasing applications owing to the environmental goals of the European Union and the incentivised policies of most European countries. This study addresses two aspects, which are at the centre of attention concerning the operation and development of small scale gasifiers; reuse of waste and increase of energy efficiency...
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Assessment of alternative disposal methods to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from municipal solid waste in India

Open dumping, the most commonly practiced method of solid waste disposal in Indian cities, creates serious environment and economic challenges, and also contributes significantly to greenhouse gas emissions. The present article attempts to analyse and identify economically effective ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from municipal solid waste...
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Hydrogen-rich gas production via fast pyrolysis of biophysical dried sludge: Effect of particle size and moisture content on product yields and syngas composition

After biophysical drying, a novel biophysical dried sludge particle was obtained. This work aims to investigate the function and effects of particle sizes and moisture contents on the fast pyrolysis of biophysical dried sludge particles. The results showed that large particles (>4 mm) favoured the oil generation with a maximum value of 19...
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First Croatian LNG import terminal expected in 2018

Croatia expects to commission its first LNG import terminal in Omisalj on the northern Island of...
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44 MW windfarm planned in Bosnia

to be finalized in 2017 and supported by German bank KfW
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Analytical study of the performance of a geomembrane leak detection system

The electrical detection of leaks in geomembranes is a method that allows identifying leakage of contaminants in lined facilities (e.g. sanitary landfills, pollutant ponds, etc.). The procedure in the field involves placing electrodes above and below the geomembrane, to generate an electrical current, which in turn engenders an electric potential distribution in the protective layer (generally a clayey soil)...
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Solid waste management practices in wet coffee processing industries of Gidabo watershed, Ethiopia

The financial and social contributions of coffee processing industries within most coffee export-based national economies like Ethiopia are generally high. The type and amount of waste produced and the waste management options adopted by these industries can have negative effects on the environment...
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Effect of aeration rate, moisture content and composting period on availability of copper and lead during pig manure composting

Pollution by heavy metals, such as copper and lead, has become a limiting factor for the land application of faecal manures, such as pig manure. This study was conducted to investigate the influence of composting process parameters, including aeration rate, moisture content and composting period, on the distribution of heavy metal species during composting, and to select an optimal parameter for copper and lead inactivation...
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An innovative approach to predict technology evolution for the desoldering of printed circuit boards: A perspective from China and America

The printed circuit boards basis of electronic equipment have seen a rapid growth in recent years and played a significant role in modern life. Nowadays, the fact that electronic devices upgrade quickly necessitates a proper management of waste printed circuit boards...
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Recovery of combustibles from electrostatic precipitator discharge

Coal is the main fuel for the direct reduced iron (DRI) plants of India, which are one of the major sources of fly ash generation. The generation of fly ash and its disposal has raised concern because of the environmental impacts. In the present study, two different fly ash samples were investigated to explore the scope of recovery of combustibles...
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LEED Gets Tougher Energy Requirements

Subtitle:  Changes in the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED program are significant, and the changes are coming on very short notice Images: The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBCUnited States Green Building Council (USGBC)...
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Turkish solar plant installation was awarded ICCI Energy Award

The 2016 ICCI award was granted to the largest PV power plant constructed on the rooftop of a...
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Practices of pharmaceutical waste generation and discarding in households across Portugal

This work is the first nationwide study in Portugal on pharmaceutical waste generated at households, exploring people’s attitudes and risk perception. The waste audit was carried out from September to November 2014, targeting pharmaceutical products kept by a sample of families (n = 244)...
29/03/16|05:10 -- wmr.sagepub.com


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