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Date: 11 – 13 March 2015
Frequency: Annual
Sequence: 6th edition
Organizer: Via Expo
Venue: Sofia, Inter Expo Center

The countries in South-East Europe no matter they are EU members or not, they are all aiming in becoming a part of the vision of the European recycling society. The governments across the Region are updating their national legislations and regulations, as well as are modernizing the old infrastructure which includes the creation of regional waste disposal systems, construction and exploitation of large scale waste and wastewater treatment plants, etc.

Most of the countries, EU members, incl. Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Croatia, have to meet specific EU objectives. The countries must recycle 50% of its waste by 2020 and reduce the disposal of biodegradable waste to 25% of total volume. Commendable is the fact that the rehabilitation of old landfills has been started. The demand for separating -, baling- and recycling machines has been increased and many international companies have entered the Regional market. The increasingly popular process of composting green waste and/or food waste has implemented the interest in composting machines as well, especially in the compost turners.

Keeping  pace with the market trends and demand ‘Save the Planet’ Exhibition encourages the waste and recycling technology transfer to South-East Europe. It will provide participants with a quick market entry and opportunity to meet face-to-face state and municipal representatives e.g. government officials, mayors, ecologists; branch associations; investors and entrepreneurs; executives from the sectors: waste management, recycling, ecology and related industry branches.

The 2014 Edition at a Glance

  • Austria was again a supporting country due to its remarkable achievements which were demonstrated at the traditional Austrian Pavilion.
  • Leading companies from Austria, Bulgaria, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Poland, Slovenia, Sweden and Switzerland showcased their latest industry developments.
  • Anis Trend, EREMA, Europlast Kunststoffbehälterindustrie, IFE Aufbereitungstechnik, Komptech, Herbold Meckesheim, International Baler Service, Lindner-Recyclingtech, Hitachi Zosen Inova, Tecnova, Untha Shredding Technology and Vecoplan Austria are among the exhibitors.

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Anelia Karanova: +359 32/512899, 32/393958, nelly@viaexpo.com


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Explosion at scrap metal plant kills two

Blast occurred at Totall Metal Recycling’s Illinois facility.
28/08/14|07:00 -- recyclingtoday.com

Influences of ammonia contamination on leaching from air-pollution-control residues

Application of selective non-catalytic reduction systems at municipal solid waste incinerators (MSWIs) often involves over-stoichiometric injection of ammonia into flue gases. Un-reacted ammonia may be deposited on fly ash particles and can ultimately influence the leaching behaviour of air-pollution-control (APC) residues...
28/08/14|05:10 -- wmr.sagepub.com

Advance Disposal reopens MSW MRF in California

CP Group upgraded the company’s existing Southern California facility.
27/08/14|07:00 -- recyclingtoday.com

Republic Services plant wins SWANA award

The 90,000-square-foot LEED-certified facility has been open for less than one year.
27/08/14|07:00 -- recyclingtoday.com

Waste Management awards grants to eight KAB affiliates

Think Green grants support local projects.
26/08/14|05:00 -- recyclingtoday.com

2014 Paper & Plastics Recycling Conference Preview: Opportunities in India

Mike DiPlacido, a speaker at the 2014 Paper & Plastics Recycling Conference in October, sees opportunities in India.
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Umicore acquires specialty recycling firm

European firm acquires CP Chemicals, which refines cobalt- and nickel-containing secondary materials.
26/08/14|07:00 -- recyclingtoday.com

QP Unlimited LLC expands to Midwest region

The company works directly with county and private material recovery facilities (MRFs) supplying recycled fiber, plastic and tin to domestic manufacturers.
26/08/14|07:00 -- recyclingtoday.com

3S International names new president

John Van Fossen will drive the electronics recycling company’s growth and expansion strategy.
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Characterization and energy potential of food waste from catering service in Hangzhou, China

Safe disposal of food waste is becoming an impending issue in China with the rapid increase of its production and the promotion of environmental awareness. Food waste from catering services in Hangzhou, China, was surveyed and characterized in this study...
26/08/14|05:10 -- wmr.sagepub.com

Landfill restoration and biodiversity: A case of study in Northern Italy

Landfilling is a worldwide common waste treatment method. Final recovery usually consists of capping the area with top soil on which vegetation can grow. Depending on the suitability of the recovery pattern, landfill sites can work as potential reserve of semi-natural habitats...
26/08/14|05:10 -- wmr.sagepub.com

Technical assessment of the CLEERGAS moving grate-based process for energy generation from municipal solid waste

A technical analysis has been completed for a commercial-scale two-stage gasification-combustion system. The CLEERGAS (Covanta Low Emissions Energy Recovery GASification) process consists of partial combustion and gasification of as-received municipal solid waste (MSW) on a moving grate producing syngas followed by full combustion of the generated syngas in an adjoining chamber and boiler...
26/08/14|05:10 -- wmr.sagepub.com

Use of theoretical waste inventories in planning and monitoring of hazardous waste management systems

Hazardous waste (HW) generation information is an absolute necessity for ensuring the proper planning, implementation, and monitoring of any waste management system. Unfortunately, environmental agencies in developing countries face difficulties in gathering data directly from the creators of such wastes...
26/08/14|05:10 -- wmr.sagepub.com

Leaching for recovery of copper from municipal solid waste incineration fly ash: Influence of ash properties and metal speciation

Recovery of metals occurring in significant amounts in municipal solid waste incineration fly ash, such as copper, could offer several advantages: a decreased amount of potentially mobile metal compounds going to landfill, saving of natural resources and a monetary value...
26/08/14|05:10 -- wmr.sagepub.com

CFD analysis of municipal solid waste combustion using detailed chemical kinetic modelling

Nitrogen oxides (NO x ) emissions from the combustion of municipal solid waste (MSW) in waste-to-energy (WtE) facilities are receiving renewed attention to reduce their output further. While NO x emissions are currently 60% below allowed limits, further reductions will decrease the air pollution control (APC) system burden and reduce consumption of NH3...
26/08/14|05:10 -- wmr.sagepub.com

Combination of material flow analysis and substance flow analysis: A powerful approach for decision support in waste management

The novelty of this paper is the demonstration of the effectiveness of combining material flow analysis (MFA) with substance flow analysis (SFA) for decision making in waste management. Both MFA and SFA are based on the mass balance principle. While MFA alone has been applied often for analysing material flows quantitatively and hence to determine the capacities of waste treatment processes, SFA is more demanding but instrumental in evaluating the performance of a waste management system regarding the goals "resource conservation" and "environmental protection"...
26/08/14|05:10 -- wmr.sagepub.com

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